Beginning Beekeeping

Everything you need to know to become an enthusiastic beekeeper !

Honey Bee On FlowerBeekeeping in the City of Boston, Massachusetts

Urban hives can help safeguard the furture of food, says a scientist and beekeeper

Noah Wilson-Rich with beehive

Urban bees are actually hardier than their country counterparts, says Noah Wilson-Rich, with rooftop hives at the Taj Hotel in Boston, and make more widely available fresh, local food. Photo: Ian MacLellan.


Historian and beekeeper Horn examines the arrival of the honey bee into North America and traces the influence of this valuable insect. When European colonists first settled on the East Coast, bee colonies in traditional straw skeps were considered to be essential equipment. Bees, through swarming, settled the country in advance of white settlers, and the Indians began to refer to them as the white man's fly. Beekeeping in America provided two essentials for colonists--wax for candles and honey for sweetening.


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