BeePreparing To Learn About Bees And Beekeeping

Bees outside the hive

On hot days many bees will sit outside the hive.

* Go to your local library and explore what books they have about beekeeping and honeybees.

* You can also check out the Book Store available on this web site. 'Beginning Beekeeping' is our best seller for those who know little about beekeeping or about honey bees.

* Consider subscribing to "Bee Culture", the top beekeeping magazine in the US. Click here. I just found out today, January 29th that the "Bee Culture" magazine is now being sold in Wal Mart in their magazine section. Check it out !!

* Ask around in the area where you live if there are any nearby beekeepers, seek them out and introduce yourself. Local Police usually know a beekeeper or two. Most beekeepers love to help out people who are interested in the hobby. Also ask if there is a Beekeeping Association in the area that you could join. Many associations conduct new beekeeper classes in the winter.

* Honey Bees need a good nearby source of water. This can be a natural source of water that may be in your yard or close by, such as a stream. If there is not a handy source of water then you can put out a shallow pan with pebbles in it to provide the bees something to stand on while drinking.

Beginning Beekeeping Tips

Beekeeping Equipment You Will Need

Best Honey Bee For Beekeeping

If you are interested in paying for a course in Beekeeping check out Penn State's Online Course by clicking on the below photo !

Penn State Online Beekeeping Course


Learn About Beekeeping With A Handicap


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