Honey Bee On Flower

Preparing To Learn About Honey Bees

And Beekeeping

Bees outside the hive

On hot days many bees will sit outside the hive.

* Go to your local library and explore what books they have about beekeeping and honeybees.

* You can also check out the Book Store available on this web site. 'Beginning Beekeeping' is our best seller for those who know little about beekeeping or about honey bees.

* Consider subscribing to "Bee Culture", the top beekeeping magazine in the US. Click here. I just found out today, January 29th that the "Bee Culture" magazine is now being sold in Wal Mart in their magazine section. Check it out !!

* Ask around in the area where you live if there are any nearby beekeepers, seek them out and introduce yourself. Local Police usually know a beekeeper or two. Most beekeepers love to help out people who are interested in the hobby. Also ask if there is a Beekeeping Association in the area that you could join. Many associations conduct new beekeeper classes in the winter.

* Use your favorite search engine to locate one of the many excellent web sites on the web. Check out our other web site Bees-Online - an educational website.

* Honey Bees need a good nearby source of water. This can be a natural source of water that may be in your yard or close by, such as a stream. If there is not a handy source of water then you can put out a shallow pan with pebbles in it to provide the bees something to stand on while drinking.

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If you are interested in paying for a course in Beekeeping check out Penn State's Online Course by clicking on the below photo !

Penn State Online Beekeeping Course


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