Honey Bee Harvesting Honey Without An Extractor
Inspecting Honey Frame

Of course for most of us, the whole object of getting into beekeeping is to be able to harvest our own honey, for our own use, for gifts, or to sell.

Many beekeepers buy an expensive honey extracting machine.

With these you remove the frames from the beehive and put them into the extractor and centrifrigal force is used to spin the honey out of the cells and it drips down to the bottom of the extractor, and then you open a spigot to let the honey drain out into some form of container. Then we strain it to remove bits of beeswax from the honey before we bottle it. Some Bee Club Associations have their own extractors for their members to use.

However there are other methods. Some just cut out a square fom the frame and package that in a plastic container. You can also just cut out the comb and put it into a mesh bag and squeeze it and then let the honey slowly drip out and strain that if you wish before you bottle it.

The video below illustrates another interesting way to get the honey out of the comb.

Updated January 4, 2017

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